"We're thinking of selling and would like your advice..."

It's the phone call we all want to get, right?

A  homeowner, proactively calling us, to get our advice on selling their biggest financial asset.

The question is, how do we generate these calls on a regular basis?

In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis (2008), I discovered a marketing strategy that unlocked consistent commission income and a continuous supply of listing opportunities. With no cold-calling or knocking on doors.

It's a proven system that allows you to build a real estate business where you don't need to go out and find potential sellers. They come to you.

With Agent Monday, you are positioned as THE go-to real estate expert in your local area. Your clients learn how to make smart real estate decisions and they come to you when they are ready to buy or sell.

It's a win-win marketing strategy.

Embrace it, and you'll stand out from the crowd, create a community of raving fans and make more sales.

What is Agent Monday?

A proven marketing strategy that generates high-quality listing leads on a regular basis.


Step 1. We position you as the local real estate expert.

Step 2. Owners start coming to you for your help and advice. They seek you out.

Step 3. You are now a consultant rather than a salesperson. Your income goes up and you enjoy your job more because your customers trust you.

How does this actually work?

Once you join, we give you access to marketing content that helps your future buyers and sellers make smart real estate decisions. As a result of sharing this info far and wide, you become the local expert.

Homeowners trust you.

At the same time, we teach you how to use your new marketing content to grow your business.

We also teach you how to up your mental game, avoid burnout, get more time off and even improve your relationships.

Agent Monday marketing content is designed to work in all markets. We have members all over the world, winning more listings right now with our proven real estate content.

Nurture your customers with regular contact

Many salespeople find it hard to constantly come up with new content to share in their marketing channels.

As a result, they don't communicate with their database as often as they should, resulting in missed opportunities for listings, sales and referrals.

With Agent Monday, you'll have the content and strategy to unlock more listing opportunities from your database by effectively keeping in touch on a regular basis.

Writing Examples (A Look Inside Agent Monday Articles)
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Become an Attraction Agent

The best way to build a real estate business with a consistent, steady flow of income is to have a communication system that allows you to consistently keep in touch with a large group of people while showing them that you are the go-to real estate expert in your local area.

How to sell 50+ houses a year with zero prospecting
In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, I stumbled upon a marketingstrategy which unlocked consistent commission income and a never-ending supplyof listing opportunities. With zero cold-calling or knocking on doors. -----------------------------------------------------------------------…

High-Quality Content

All our articles are written by an award-winning professional blogger with 19 years of experience in real estate sales, management, training and coaching.

"Until now, a single, professionally written article for use in your email newsletter, or on your blog, could cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 and even then, the writer may not have real-world real estate experience. So what are the chances they can speak to the real issues your audience needs help with?

At Agent Monday, we use a membership model to make lead-generating real estate content available at an affordable price."

- Andrew Duncan, founder.

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