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Many salespeople find it hard to constantly come up with new content to share in their marketing channels.

As a result, they don't communicate with their database as often as they should, potentially resulting in missed opportunities for listings, sales and referrals.

With Agent Monday, you'll have the content and strategy to unlock more listing opportunities from your database by effectively keeping in touch on a regular basis.

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The best way to build a real estate business with a consistent, steady flow of income is to have a communication machine that allows you to consistently keep in touch with a large group of people, while showing them that you are THE go-to real estate expert in your local area.

How to sell 50+ houses a year with zero prospecting
In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, I stumbled upon a marketingstrategy which unlocked consistent commission income and a never-ending supplyof listing opportunities. With zero cold-calling or knocking on doors. -----------------------------------------------------------------------…

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