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Feature Article 38 - How to buy your first investment property
Buying the right investment property can put you on a high-speed path to financial freedom. As with any large financial decision though, it’s critical you get the right advice before you jump in.
Feature article 37 - Should you sell your home now? Or wait?
Have you ever heard the phrase: timing the market is a fool’s errand? It’s asaying I am particularly fond of, and need to remind myself of often. It is always tempting to try to time your run to maximise your gain from anyfinancial decision. But in reality, any time you try to call the peak of th…
Feature article 36 - Winning the real estate negotiation
When negotiations don’t reach a positive outcome, it’s often because pride got in the way, rather than money. Try to keep an open mind and don’t pin yourself into a corner by talking in absolutes. Avoid using words like ‘we’ll never pay more than this’ because all you do is shut off your options.
When is the best time to sell?
Moving house is one of those big life changes which requires many smaller decisions to be made along the way. In this article, we tackle the question of timing, with tips on how to choose a date that will increase your chances of obtaining a premium price.
How to avoid buyer’s remorse when purchasing a home
As I put the finishing touches on this article, I’m also preparing to speak at aconference on Wednesday. The topic of the presentation is “How to be the onlyagent they call in”. I’ll have a full breakdown of all the advice ready for youonce the talk is complete. So stay tuned! Also coming out la…
What to look for at a pre-settlement inspection
Learn what to expect and what to look for during your last viewing before moving day.
Five mistakes to avoid when selling your home
This week our feature article runs through 5 mistakes all owners should avoidwhen putting their property on the market. The article contains some common Agent Monday themes but they are so important,they bear repeating! At this time of year, many owners in your area may be considering a change.…
7 Tips to get your mortgage application approved
Are you planning to apply for a mortgage in the near future? If so, there are steps you can take in advance to increase your chances of getting a YES from the bank.
How to make your offer stand out when buying a home
In this article, we will run you through a series of tips to make your offer stand out and increase your chances of acceptance, even if you aren’t offering the highest price.
Ready to move but not sure what to do next?
If you are having frustrating thoughts about your current home, dreams of moving are nothing but dreams until you know where you stand in terms of your ability to move to another property.
How to sell your home for the best possible price
You get one chance to sell your home for top dollar. Do it once and do it right.
How to keep your home safe when leaving town
Before you skip town, it’s important to ensure the safety of your biggest asset. Take a few minutes to mitigate the risk of a break-in so you can sleep a little easier while you are away and really sink your feet into that relaxation time you so deserve.
5 key features of a great investment property
This article is designed to give your clients tips which will help them make smart decisions and position you as the go-to expert in your market.
Preparing to sell your home in the New Year
In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps you can take now, to make sure you secure the best possible result when you go to market.
How to reduce food waste in your home
The content we send to our database doesn’t always have to be about buying and selling houses. It can be about optimising our life, in connection with our homes. That’s why agents drop just listed cards with recipes on the back. And it’s also the idea behind this feature article.
Feature Article: How to buy a home when you have one to sell
We outline options to help you navigate one of the toughest situations in real estate.
Feature Article: Why pricing your home correctly is critical
If you want to avoid making a costly pricing mistake, it pays to work with a professional who knows your market inside out.
How to negotiate when the building inspector finds an issue
If the building inspector discovers a problem that requires urgent attention, what do you do? Should you try and negotiate the price?
Feature Article: Tips for moving house with kids
The number one tool you have at your disposal to increase confidence and decrease nerves, is to have a strategy. An effective plan will reduce stress. Use the following tips to help make your moving day go smoothly.
Feature Article: What to look for when viewing a home
Use these six tips to keep your visit on track and make the most of the short time you have before deciding if this home is the one.
Feature Article: 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent
Every seller expects their home to sell in its first few weeks on the market. While this does happen in many circumstances, some houses take a longer to find a buyer. It’s important you discuss every potential outcome at the start of the process, in case the need arises for a plan-b.
How to sell a rental property
Whatever reason brought you to this point, now is the time to maximise the value of your asset and extract as much capital as possible to fuel your future plans.
Feature Article: How to choose a real estate agent to sell your home
The salesperson you need to hire to get a premium price is one who has a database of clients looking in your area. One who understands the key target market for your property and can employ a proven strategy to attract the right buyers and encourage competition between them.
Feature Article: The bare-minimum home-maintenance plan
If you lead a busy life, here is the bare-minimum program that will keep your home in decent shape.
Feature Article: How to avoid losing money when buying a home
How to avoid losing money when buying a homeDownload Article [https://1drv.ms/w/s!An-fcGnJ0yFoj6EnWGCqdBwWTYFjPg?e=VjHg4m] (Microsoft Word-friendly) For most of us, buying a home is the biggest purchase you will ever make in yourlife, by a long way. Because the average family only moves every 7…
Five ways to add value to your home this weekend...
As an Agent Monday subscriber you can use this article any way you like: In your email newsletters, on your website, on social media. Wherever you need useful content to help you keep in touch with your audience.
What is a Free Appraisal?
You may be wondering: What does a ‘free appraisal’ actually involve? Should you get one? And what’s the catch? Can a buyer order a free appraisal too?
Feature Article: How to be part of a win-win real estate negotiation
There is a common trap that buyers and sellers fall into when negotiating a deal. It’s called the ‘mythical middle trap’ and it’s something to be aware of before you start making offers or put your home on the market.
Bonus Feature Article: How to Start a Home Compost Bin...
The food we waste is responsible for roughly 8 per cent of global carbon emissions, according to Project Drawdown. That wasted food can easily be used to make compost instead, rather than being thrown into a landfill.
5 Minor Home Improvements that Add Major Resale Value
This week’s feature article is all about little renovations that give you bigbang for your buck. Great content to share with current and future homeownersalike. As an Agent Monday subscriber, you can use this article any way you like. Youdon’t have to link back to us. You can copy and paste the …
Election focus! Should you buy / sell now? Or wait?
In general, whether it’s an election year or not, it’s best to sell when other owners are holding off. Or at least, hit the market at the very start of any seasonal rush...
How to Avoid Underselling Your Home
When it comes to selling your home, there are 4 common traps that many owners fall into. Avoid these mistakes to maximise your chances of achieving a great result...
How to negotiate a better rate from your bank
In this week’s feature article we cover a subject that should be of interest to the vast majority of your audience: Negotiating with banks to get the best possible interest rate.
Is now a good time to buy property?
One exercise that can help is to think of yourself 20 years from now. On that sort of time scale, would you be happy to have made the move you are considering? Would it improve your quality of life over the next decade? Or improve your financial position long term?
Should you trust online property valuations?
This is one of our feature articles. As a subscriber to Agent Monday, you can use this article any way you like. Copy and paste the text into your latest listing emails, social posts, or on your website. Treat it like you wrote it yourself. Feel free to put your own spin on it if you want to!
Avoid the ‘discount-pricing-trap’ when making your next offer
This is one of our feature articles. As a subscriber to Agent Monday, you can use this article any way you like. Copy and paste the text into your latest listing emails, social posts, or on your website. Treat it like you wrote it yourself. Feel free to put your own spin on it if you want to!
How to make your home stand out online
This is one of our feature articles. As a subscriber to Agent Monday, you can use this article any way you like. Copy and paste the text into your latest listing emails, social posts, or on your website. Treat it like you wrote it yourself. Feel free to put your own spin on it if you want to!
Issue 2. How To Convert Your Garage into a Home Office + 5 Star open homes and more...
Welcome to the second edition of Agent Monday, the secret weapon real estateprofessionals use to source high-quality content for newsletters, websites,blogs, social media posts and prospecting letters. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you f…

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Agent Resource: “Quote of the week” list for email newsletters.
I’ve always found my email newsletter recipients love seeing a ‘quote of theweek’. The best quotes are timeless, positive and uplifting. They make a great additionto your email newsletter or work well as something to post on facebook orinstagram to inspire your audience and add value to their l…
Copyright-free images for real estate marketing
Sometimes you need high quality images to make your newsletters, blogs or emailslook modern and professional. The images below are copyright-free so you use them any way you like. Ideally,you should mention the source in the caption though, especially if you are usingthem online, just to say tha…
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