Understand your target market and grow your income

Help your target market answer their biggest questions and you'll massively increase your chances of winning the listing.

Understand your target market and grow your income
Photo by Merakist / Unsplash

To grow any business, you need to understand your target market.

Specifically, you need to understand the problem your potential customers are trying to solve. If you can speak to that problem and provide solutions, you're business will thrive.

In a real estate context, we could describe our key target market as:

Homeowners looking to sell in the next 6-12 months.

Note: Why 6-12 months? Why not 3 weeks from selling? If owners are weeks from selling, they probably already have a relationship with a real estate salesperson (if not 2 or 3). At that stage, you're coming in cold and it's hard to win unless you are the cheapest option. Ideally, you want to meet future sellers early in their process to build a relationship, demonstrate proficiency and increase your chances of winning the business when they are ready to go on the market.

For an owner 6-12 months from selling, what problem are they trying to solve?

Put yourself in your customer's shoes. What are their challenges? What questions do they have?

Here is a list of questions they might be pondering.