Digital Marketing Masterclass with Eran Malloch

Digital Marketing Masterclass with Eran Malloch
Photo by Diggity Marketing / Unsplash

Introducing our first guest on the Agent Monday Podcast!

Eran Malloch has been part of our journey right from the start.

As a digital marketing specialist based in Perth, Australia, Eran helps his clients secure listing leads online, using Facebook, Google, Youtube and Blogs. He then helps his clients nurture those leads using effective email campaigns.

In this episode, you will hear Eran explain why having a regular email newsletter system is a critical part of any good real estate business. We also discuss how to increase your visibility online and get the best possible return from Facebook ads, Google and Youtube.

You'll hear which websites to focus your time on, how to think about marketing yourself online and lots of general tips which can help you succeed.

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The key message: It's all about embracing delayed gratification. You need to play a long-term game with any marketing activities. Design a system to keep in touch with your contacts and be consistent.

Eran's website:

Real Estate Marketing Agency Australia | 24/7 Lead Generation
24/7 Lead generation services for Real Estate Agents. Including Facebook & Google AdWords advertising, website design, content marketing & email marketing.

Or click here to visit his Youtube channel.