Feature Article 59 - Open home checklist for buyers

Feature Article 59 - Open home checklist for buyers

The goal of this week's feature article is to help your clients make the most of their open home visits. It's a list of questions, prompts and suggestions to help them evaluate properties quickly.

It's also written to gently suggest to buyers that they shouldn't discount properties if the aspect they object to could be changed. Plus, we also remind people not to spend all their time discussing price (which is often tricky at open homes) and instead, to park those discussions for later on.

We hope you and your clients enjoy this topic!

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Open home checklist for buyers

When you visit an open home, every minute is valuable.

You may have multiple houses to view that same day, so you quickly need to size the property up and decide whether it could suit your needs.

Use these questions and prompts as a checklist to make the most of your viewing.

Where is the sun?

Which rooms will be sunny in the morning? Which ones in the afternoon? How will this change throughout the year? It's so easy to walk through a home looking at its features, without stopping to think about the sun aspect.

Remember, you can change everything about a property, except where it is, and how much sun is available in that spot.