Feature Article 56 - Why you should invest in marketing when selling your home

Feature Article 56 - Why you should invest in marketing when selling your home

In this feature article, we cover the subject of vendor-paid advertising. This is a place where many salespeople struggle. It certainly isn't easy asking a potential seller for extra money when you are competing with 2 or 3 other agents. At the same time, we know that owners who invest in extra marketing often achieve a premium result.

Getting this article in front of potential sellers well in advance of your listing presentation appointment will help.

In fact, you could send it out right now to your database of potential sellers. That list should include anyone who has asked you for an appraisal at some stage in the past, or at some point suggested interest in selling their home in future (they might not have met with you yet).

TIP: It's important you have an up-to-date 'potential future sellers' list in your database system that you can access easily. I recommend you print the list out and carry it with you at all times. This is possibly the most valuable collection of data in your entire business. Whenever you have a spare 5-10 minutes waiting for someone at an appointment, work your way through the list and call anyone you haven't spoken to in a while.

For scripts and dialogues to use when following up potential sellers, check out this guide:

Convert potential sellers to listings using Agent Monday content
Potential sellers ideally need more regular communication than your general database. If someone is close to making a major real estate decision then you should be emailing them useful info at least once per week and following up with a phone call every 2-4 weeks.

In our next Agent Advice guide, I'll share tips on securing vendor-paid advertising. If you are keen to learn more asap, you can listen to the audio version here.

In the meantime, send this article to your database to make your next vendor-paid marketing discussion a little easier.

Have an epic week!


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Why you should invest in marketing when selling your home

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When you go to put your home on the market, your salesperson may offer you an opportunity to invest in extra marketing options. Over and above what their standard plan includes.

At this point you might understandably think:

"Hey, I'm already paying you a commission. Why should I pay extra for advertising?"

The reason is, to ensure you get the best possible result. To put your home on a pedestal and make it stand out from the crowd. To make it easy for buyers to find, and fall in love with your home.

Understanding the buyer market

In most locations, the general pool of buyers can be categorised into three groups: