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How to run an environmentally-friendly real estate office and grow your business
Real estate is not traditionally considered a high-impact industry when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. But we do have an opportunity to stand out from our competitors and create an instant point of difference if we can show that we care about the same things that our customers do.
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Agent Monday - Real estate content library
How to encourage buyers to take action (1 key question to generate offers)
The exclusive content club for real estate professionals. We give you educational info to share with your audience and teach you how to use it to grow your business.
The 3 skills you need to succeed in this market
The exclusive content club for real estate professionals. We give you educational info to share with your audience and teach you how to use it to grow your business.
How to bounce back when an offer falls over
Ideas to help you deal with the loss, bounce back quickly and get the property sold as soon as possible.
How to approach deadlines when you have no offers (podcast)
The exclusive content club for real estate professionals. We give you educational info to share with your audience and teach you how to use it to grow your business.
Why this is the best market to work in (as a real estate agent)
While every other agent is floundering, you can stand out from the crowd and grow your business. In this article, I’ll tell you how. This post includes vendor dialogues, advert script ideas and buyer servicing strategies.
If you want more listings - focus on repetition
The exclusive content club for real estate professionals. We give you educational info to share with your audience and teach you how to use it to grow your business.
What to do with an overpriced / hard to sell listing
There are no bad houses. There are just different houses. And every home would sell tomorrow at a certain price level. Therefore, every listing is a good listing, at the right price.
Listing Tool: Introducing the ‘Agent Scoring Matrix’
The magic of the agent scoring matrix is that it provides equal importance to all aspects of a salesperson’s proposal, not just commission rate and appraisal range.
Open home follow up strategies (including scripts)
Stop treating visitors like potential buyers and start treating them like potential vendors. This subtle mental switch can make you better at spotting opportunities and building customer-for-life relationships.
How to bounce back from a missed listing
Spend 5% of your time on the problem (I missed out) and 95% of your time on the solution (what am I going to do differently next time).
Quick real estate sales tip: Know when to stop talking
The other day I was in a sales meeting of sorts with a colleague. We were meeting with a funding partner hoping to seal the deal on a six-figure corporate sponsorship agreement (not related to Agent Monday). As we described the purpose of our work I could see the funding
How to reconnect with your database
The key to unlocking a real estate business with consistent commission income is to build a machine that produces a steady stream of listing opportunities. That machine is your database combined with a regular communication strategy.
The listings will come! Start laying the foundation for your future success.
Plant seeds now that will turn into listings in 6-12 months time. Be ready to take advantage when the market changes and launch your career to new heights.
Agent Advice: How to make the most of your lockdown
Real estate is a 24/7 gig. Once you achieve any level of success, it becomes increasingly hard to find time to work on your business, not just in your business. That’s why this lockdown can be a gift if you use it the right way. Note: For overseas readers
Digital Marketing Masterclass with Eran Malloch
Introducing our first guest on the Agent Monday Podcast! Eran Malloch has been part of our journey right from the start. As a digital marketing specialist based in Perth, Australia, Eran helps his clients secure listing leads online, using Facebook, Google, Youtube and Blogs. He then helps his clie…
Real estate agents: Here’s what to put in your pre-listing kits
The phone rings and it’s a potential vendor. Hurray! You book an appointment and start researching, excited to find out if it’s an attractive property. Stop! Before you go too far, remember to put together a pre-listing kit and get it in front of the owner asap. What is a
Have you ever considered starting a real estate podcast?
In every market, there will at some point be a ‘Wellington real estate podcast’ or ‘South Sydney real estate podcast’ that updates local owners on property news, local stats, recent sales and offers educational tips and advice for buyers and sellers. Why not own this space before anyone else?
Agent Advice - How to generate listings from open homes
Open homes are essentially your shop front, providing you with a golden opportunity to get face to face with buyers and sellers in your area. They are your time to shine! However, throughout my career, I have seen countless salespeople fail to make the most of this golden opportunity to
How to survive your first 2 years in real estate (or get your existing career back on track)
Getting established in real estate can be tough. The majority of new salespeople leave the industry within 2 years of starting. Many of them earning next to no income during that time. Owners are doing more and more research online before selecting an agent, which often leads them towards the
Agent Advice - How to get more vendor-paid advertising
An exclusive content marketing club for real estate professionals. We give you helpful, educational info to share with your audience and teach you how to use it to grow your business.
Doing good better: How real estate agents can save lives (and the planet)
Real estate professionals are among the most generous people in the world. To members of the public that may sound like a bold statement, with the public perception often centring around thoughts of commission-hungry salespeople, extracting every last dollar from vulnerable buyers. But the truth is…
How to ask for a price reduction (scripts included)
An exclusive content marketing club for real estate professionals. We give you helpful, educational info to share with your audience and teach you how to use it to grow your business.
Convert potential sellers to listings using Agent Monday content
Potential sellers ideally need more regular communication than your general database. If someone is close to making a major real estate decision then you should be emailing them useful info at least once per week and following up with a phone call every 2-4 weeks.
Conquer your to-do-list with the 1-3-5 rule
Do you find it hard to tick off everything on your to do list? You are not alone. Most of us start each day with grand intentions - scribblingdown a long list of seemingly important tasks, only to get pulled in twentydifferent directions once the phone starts ringing and the emails start pouring…
Stuck in a rut? How to climb your way out of survival mode.
An exclusive content marketing club for real estate professionals. We give you helpful, educational info to share with your audience and teach you how to use it to grow your business.
Free email marketing review + new article search option
An exclusive content marketing club for real estate professionals. We give you helpful, educational info to share with your audience and teach you how to use it to grow your business.
Simple growth hack: Reward every referral. Even the ones who don’t list with you.
The person making the referral can’t control what comes of the lead. They can only make the initial connection. So if you want to generate more referral business (and who doesn’t), then it stands to reason that you want to reward all referrals, whether they result in business or not.
6 ideas to generate a new listing in the next 7 days (with scripts and templates)
An exclusive content marketing club for real estate professionals. We give you helpful, educational info to share with your audience and teach you how to use it to grow your business.
How to turn online browsers into potential vendors
You can create a huge amount of goodwill and generate more business by offering a client-friendly experience. That means, giving customers more of what they want (info) without making them search for it.
Our top 5 Agent Advice guides
One of the joys of running Agent Monday is the coaching aspect. I love sharingideas that help our members succeed. Real estate is a high stakes industry. Small changes to your strategy can meanthe difference between earning tens of thousands of dollars in commission, ornothing at all. Those of…
To succeed in real estate, embrace a positive mindset
Do you portray a positive mindset to every single person you meet? When you work in real estate, every adult you meet is a potential client. Even if they aren’t looking to buy or sell right now, they may be able to referyou to someone who is. With that in mind, if you want to grow (or maintain)…
Are you ‘crazy busy’ right now?
I was introduced to this ted talk at a conference yesterday and thought youmight be interested in watching it too. If you have every used the words ‘crazy busy’ to describe your day then this isdefinitely worth checking out. Dr Darria Long presents a way to triage our tasks so that we know what …
How to get better at listing presentations
In this guide, I will run you through my top tips for improving your appraisal to list ratio.
On the power of checklists...
The key to creating consistent income in real estate is to consistently follow a plan.
A better way to think about prospecting
When you talk about prospecting, it’s easy to feel like you are pushing something on people that they don’t actually want. It makes me think of door-knocking and cold-calling. This year, rather than thinking you need a prospecting plan, reframe it as a ‘connection’ plan.
Marketing Resource: Intro letter for a Pre-Appraisal pack or Listing Presentation
Most listing presentations are pretty vanilla. They go straight into talking all about the agent, rather than focussing on the owner and their needs. This intro, on the other hand, speaks directly to the owner’s desires and their motivations for moving.
The moving billboard: Is it a good idea to get your vehicle sign-written?
Turning your car into a roaming billboard is one of the most cost-effective marketing options available to any real estate professional. You pay once for signwriting and it creates business for you as long as you drive that vehicle.
The best gift I ever bought my wife...
If you are anything like me, you are occasionally prone to leaving things tillthe last minute. Case in point: Christmas gifts. Do you still need to find a gift for a significant someone in your life? If so,fear not as today I have a potential solution for you. And don’t beat yourself up about…
Have you set up (and optimised) your Google Business profile yet?
Setting up your Google Business profile (or asking for reviews if you already have a profile) is one of those critical tasks that aren’t urgent, but it doesn’t take long and it will help move your business forward.
Letting go of Christmas card anxiety
As much as I love email newsletters, I believe that in a world of online marketing, hand-written cards stand out. What’s important is that you zig when others are zagging. If everyone else is sending a Christmas card, send a ‘Happy New Year’ card. Your message will stand out more that way.
Do you know where your business is coming from?
Make sure you spend the majority of your prospecting/connection time on the people that are making you successful.
Real estate giveaway ideas
Everyone knows you can get a branded pen and a fridge-magnet notepad. But what if you want something a little more memorable? More creative? The choices are endless and the challenge is finding something that suits everyone.
Agent Advice: Mental health tips for real estate (part 2)
It was rewarding to learn that last week’s advice guide on mental healthresonated with many of you. In case you missed it, here’s the link: Agent Advice: Mental health tips for real estate successReal estate is abrilliant business to be in. There is always demand for ourservices, wegenerally don…
Agent Advice: Mental health tips for real estate success
Real estate is a brilliant business to be in. There is always demand for ourservices, we generally don’t have to chase late payment of invoices, there arevery few barriers to entry and we get paid well for what we do! It’s a career that offers freedom, variety and connection. But success can bea…
Agent Advice: Resources that helped me succeed in real estate
* For taking notes and keeping track of property details: Evernote [] This is where I keep notes on everything. In real estate, I used it to takenotes and photos at appraisals and listing presentations. These notes then syncacross all your devices. So you can add them on …
How to improve your phone conversations
Don’t listen with the intent to respond. Listen with the intent to understand. If you find yourself thinking about what to say next, before they have finished talking, then you aren’t actively listening as well as you should be.
How often should I email my database?
If you email more often, you will get unsubscribes. But this is counter-balanced by the benefit you’ll receive by keeping in touch more often with clients who are open to receiving your message.
Agent Advice: What to give out at open homes
Open homes are our show-room, our ‘front of house’. It’s the single best opportunity you have to met large numbers of people in one place and have engaging one-on-one conversations about their needs and desires.
Agent Monday High Performance Network
One of our goals for Agent Monday is to create a network of high-performancereal estate professionals who support each other to grow and improve. Most of our members are spread out all over the world and are not in directcompetition with each other. This is an ideal situation from which we could…
Agent Advice: The 2-hour work week prospecting plan
The more often you contact people, whether it’s in person, via phone, text, email, snail-mail, social media, or via open homes, the more likely you are to have business in your pipeline in 2, 3, 4 months time and beyond.
Agent Advice: How to Hire a Buyers Agent
In this article we’ll cover all the factors you need to consider when adding a buyers agent to your team. Including: Pay schemes, whether to hire a rookie, part time vs full time, job description and more.
Agent Advice: How to grow your email newsletter list
Sending your company’s latest listings out once a week with no other content is simply not going to cut it. Most of the people on your database are probably not looking for a home right now, so you need to add more info to make sure there is something for everyone.
Agent Advice: Don’t fear UNSUBSCRIBES
Letting unsubscribes stop you from emailing your database is like letting one negative reaction at an open home stop you from running open homes forever.
Agent Advice: A simpler way to think about marketing yourself
In case you are new to Agent Monday, be sure to check out our most popularadvice guides: * 9 ways to turn your last sale into more listing opportunities [/agent-advice-how-to-leverage-your-last-sale-into-more-listing-opportunities/] * Listing refresh checklist [/listing-refresh-checklist/] - …
The best advice I ever received for a successful career in real estate
Real estate is a 24/7 gig. It’s hard to ‘leave it at the office’ when clientscan reach you at home via your mobile or email. It’s understandable that real estate creeps into our home life, especially as webecome more successful. Before you know it, you’re taking a call from a clientat the dinner…
Agent Advice: How to leverage your last sale into more listing opportunities
This week, we are focussed on leverage. In these current market conditions, listings are hard to come by. So you need tomake the most of every opportunity to grow your business. What does this look like in practice? It’s all about leveraging the work you arealready doing for maximum benefit. A…
How to sell 50+ houses a year with zero prospecting
In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, I stumbled upon a marketing strategy which unlocked consistent commission income and a never-ending supply of listing opportunities. With zero cold-calling or knocking on doors.
Agent Advice: Listing Refresh Checklist / Ideas to generate more buyer enquiry
If you are unsatisfied with the amount of enquiry you are getting on one of your properties, use this checklist to come up with ideas to get things moving.
Agent Advice: How to know when it’s time to hire a Personal Assistant (plus skills to look for)
If you can hire someone to do a job you are doing, for far less than your own value per hour, then it makes financial sense to hire someone to do that job.
How to write compelling property adverts
Keep the following tips in mind if you want to write more compelling adverts...
Tool Suggestion: Are you using Grammarly?
This free online tool will improve the quality of your writing and save you from most basic typos.
Prospecting Accountability Challenge...
A special shout-out to Ben Cartwright from Ray White Wellington[] for this idea! Here’s the challenge: Call 30 buyers this week who visited open homes more than 1 month ago.These buyers often get forgotten but there is massive opportunity here. You canbe the…
12 Ways to use Agent Monday Articles to Grow Your Business
Use these content marketing strategies to position yourself as THE go-to real estate expert in your local market.
How to make your email newsletter stand out
You can only call so many people in a day. Email newsletters let you keep in touch with thousands of people, while you work closely with your clients who are making moves right now.
How to run a five star open home
This article is part of our ‘agent advice’ series. Every week we provide tips and strategies to help you grow your business.
How to set appointments like a pro
You can take back control of your day. This simple script will improve your time management and allow you to focus on dollar-productive acitivity.
Tips to make your email newsletter stand out
First up, we should answer the question: Q. Why send an email newsletter? If you’ve subscribed to Agent Monday, you probably understand the value ofkeeping in touch with your audience. But just in case you need some reminding,email newsletters are: * Free to send (or at least very cost-effect…