How to create a positive client experience at a disappointing sale price

How to create a positive client experience at a disappointing sale price
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In this podcast, I share specific strategies and a whole heap of scripts to maximise your chances of creating a positive client experience, even when the sale price ends up being less than what the owners originally wanted.

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Key points

  • Coach owners through your appraisal - "If your price is out there, this marketing approach will find it."
  • Prepare owners for every eventuality well before deadline day.
  • When presenting offers, don't have an agenda. Explain all options to your clients: Accept the offer, negotiate, or reject it and go back to the market.
  • Be on their side - back your owners up no matter what they decide to do.
  • If they ask for your opinion, that's a privilege. Don't take advantage.
  • Avoid talking in absolutes at all costs. Eg. "This is the best offer your ever going to get."
  • Instead, say "If there was a better price out there right now, I'm confident we would have found it."
  • Let them think about it overnight if they want to. It's ok to let people sleep on it. Selling a home is a huge decision!
  • When you get close on price, don't be afraid to strategically lower your commission to make the deal happen, and give your clients a last-minute win.

Always remember, excellent service makes the unacceptable acceptable.

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