Feature Article: Minimise Risk and Maximise Your Sale Price

Feature Article: Minimise Risk and Maximise Your Sale Price

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Minimise Risk and Maximise Your Sale Price

For many of us, our personal home is the most valuable asset we will ever own. When it comes to selling, we naturally want to maximise the value as much as possible.

What most sellers don't realise, is that there is one key step you can take to sell your home for more that goes beyond the visual presentation of your home.

While decluttering, staging and undertaking cosmetic enhancements to attract buyers are critical steps, removing finance hurdles is just as influential on your selling success.

Removing barriers to finance approval

Finding a potential buyer, attracting them to your home and having them fall in love with it is one thing. But before they can buy your home, you need the approval of their bank, insurance company, solicitor, builder and close family.

Financial and legal advisers aren't looking at what they love in a home, like renovated bathrooms, school zones, or trendy landscaping. They care about minimising risk. Therefore, it pays to think like a bank or insurance company and invest time and money in understanding and removing any potential risk hurdles before going on the market.

Example risk hurdles, a.k.a challenges that might stop a buyer from obtaining finance, include: