Our top 5 Agent Advice guides

One of the joys of running Agent Monday is the coaching aspect. I love sharing ideas that help our members succeed.

Real estate is a high stakes industry. Small changes to your strategy can mean the difference between earning tens of thousands of dollars in commission, or nothing at all.

Those of you who are new to Agent Monday may not realise that as a member, you also have access to our full back catalogue with more than 37 advice guides filled with ideas to help you improve.

Each week, I focus on one critical part of your business. From checklists, to vehicle sign-writing, to mental health tips.  

Our top 5 advice guides so far...

Agent Advice: How to leverage your last sale into more listing opportunities
This week, we are focussed on leverage. In these current market conditions, listings are hard to come by. So you need tomake the most of every opportunity to grow your business. What does this look like in practice? It’s all about leveraging the work you arealready doing for maximum benefit. A…

9 ideas to turn your last sale into a new listing, including scripts, letters, sms templates and more.

Agent Advice: The 2-hour work week prospecting plan
The more often you contact people, whether it’s in person, via phone, text, email, snail-mail, social media, or via open homes, the more likely you are to have business in your pipeline in 2, 3, 4 months time and beyond.

Feeling short on time? There's no excuse not to find time for this efficient and effective prospecting plan.

Agent Advice: How to know when it’s time to hire a Personal Assistant (plus skills to look for)
If you can hire someone to do a job you are doing, for far less than your own value per hour, then it makes financial sense to hire someone to do that job.

The first hire in your business is critical. Read this article to learn how to pick the right person to join your team and help your business thrive.

Agent Advice: How to Hire a Buyers Agent
In this article we’ll cover all the factors you need to consider when adding a buyers agent to your team. Including: Pay schemes, whether to hire a rookie, part time vs full time, job description and more.

Commission-only? Or retainer? Experienced? Or rookie? A roadmap to guide you through the process.

How to get better at listing presentations
In this guide, I will run you through my top tips for improving your appraisal to list ratio.

Because when it all comes down to it, our listing presentation skills are what makes the difference between earning a commission, and going home empty-handed.  

Stay sharp out there!