The best gift I ever bought my wife...

The best gift I ever bought my wife...

If you are anything like me, you are occasionally prone to leaving things till the last minute.

Case in point: Christmas gifts.

Do you still need to find a gift for a significant someone in your life? If so, fear not as today I have a potential solution for you.

And don't beat yourself up about leaving it this late either. Many of us like to live in the danger zone and leave everything until the last minute. We don't come alive until we notice that metallic taste of adrenaline building up.

When you are used to running around all day solving urgent problems and putting out fires, it can be hard to switch your focus to tasks that have a deadline 2-3 weeks away.

That being said, those little tasks that are soon to become urgent (like buying xmas presents) can cause an ever-so-gradually-building-up level of daily anxiety while we procrastinate over getting them done. So let's take one job off your list right now!

The best gift I ever bought my wife...

Was a Canon Selphy photo printer.

It allows you to print extremely high-quality photos at home, right from your smartphone (which connects to the printer over Wifi). It's reliable, prints quickly and can handle multiple photos at once.

This little gem has been the best-used, best value-for-money item in our home for years. Our hallway and lounge are littered with photos printed directly from this cool little machine.

The best part is, it's affordable too, retailing new for approximately $130 USD or $160 NZD (links below).

It's a safe gift that will work for many people (not just your significant other). So if you already have a gift for your partner, keep this option in mind as a future gift idea for a parent, sibling, or a really cool client!

Where to buy the Canon Selphy

Note: The links below are not affiliate links, I'm just putting them in here to be useful. Aside from PB Tech in NZ, I can't vouch for the service from these websites either. You may be able to source a better price by doing your own online research, too!

New Zealand - via PB Tech

Buy the Canon CP1300 SELPHY PHOTO Printer Compact , WiFi, Black ( CP1300 ) online
Canon CP1300 SELPHY PHOTO Printer Compact , WiFi, Black

United States - via Best Buy

Australia - via Mega Buy

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