9 real estate newsletter ideas

Real estate newsletters are an effective marketing strategy that can generate a steady stream of leads and help you earn consistent commission income.

It's a great way to build an audience, nurture those relationships, and cement your position as the go-to real estate expert in your local area.

Provide homeowners with helpful, educational info and you will greatly increase your chances of being the real estate salesperson they choose to sell their home.

The trick is figuring out what to send! Scroll down to read our top 9 ideas for your next real estate newsletter.

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Idea 1. Hyper-local real estate sales newsletter

Real estate owners love being in the know. Especially when it comes to local house values. Send out a quick monthly email with a list of recent local sales in your area. Add a brief description of each property and use approximate sale values like 'sold in the mid $800,000's'. A photo of each property is an added bonus but not essential.

Idea 2. Local events newsletter

Send out a monthly newsletter to your contacts with a rundown of what's happening in your area in the coming weeks. Make sure you include local markets, school fairs, clean-up days, parades, anything which might interest your audience.

Don't presume they already know what's happening in your area. This is a great way to help local organisations by spreading the word about their upcoming events.

Idea 3. Tips on buying and selling real estate

Potential sellers in your market are looking for information that helps them make better real estate decisions, including guidance on what renovations add the most value and advice on when to sell to get the best price.

You can save time using our real estate content service to source lead-generating articles that you can send to your contacts in an email or printed newsletter.

The best thing about sending out a real estate tips newsletter is that your contacts are more likely to stay subscribed long after buying or selling a home.

Idea 4. Spotlight local businesses

Introduce your real estate contacts to your favourite local businesses. Owners love to work with people they can trust. Start with your plumber, builder, accountant, property manager, dentist, your local barista, your favourite bar. Anyone who serves the public whose service you enjoy.

Pick one business each month, create a short list of questions to ask the local business owner (How did you get started? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What do you love about your job?) and share the answers in a regular newsletter. It's a great way to help local people get to know and support each other.

Idea 5. Local sports results newsletter

This is a service that often used to be provided by small, independent local newspapers. But with print media slowly deteriorating there is a need for a new solution to help local sports clubs get the word out.

You could publish a 'local sports results' newsletter - either by email, mail or on social media. This is an ideal way to make your local community feel connected. Publish weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Idea 6. Gardening tips newsletter

Many of us are avid gardeners and chances are, many local homeowners are just as into gardening as you are! Share a monthly newsletter with tips on what to plant at that time of year. You could partner with your local garden centre to promote sales or events and even run a garden tour if it goes well. What a fun and enjoyable way to connect with local owners in your area.

Idea 7. Local services newsletter

Share a monthly newsletter with a list of local people looking for extra work. This should include: Cleaners, dog-walkers, babysitters, gardeners, painters, handymen and anything else you can think of.

This is especially helpful for people that are new to your area and owners who are getting ready to go on the market. A great way to endear yourself to potential sellers in your area is to be useful without expecting anything in return.

Idea 8. Community notices newsletter

Provide a monthly update of changes in the area, including roading improvements, new shops, school events and security advice. Spotlight local people who do a great job serving your community. A great way to spread the love!

Idea 9. Kids activities newsletter

Nothing could be more helpful than providing local parents with ideas on how to entertain their kids! Often, parents who are new to town won't know about the best playgrounds, bush walks, or kid-friendly local businesses. You can share tips in a regular newsletter and even hold monthly coffee groups where parents can meet each other and swap ideas.

Real estate newsletter examples

When it comes to publishing a real estate newsletter, the most important piece of advice to keep in mind is that you don't want to chase perfection.

Above all else, make a start and send something. Far too often, salespeople procrastinate over pushing the send or print button while they search for the perfect template or the perfect email tool.

Whatever you do, don't fall into that trap. Your newsletter will naturally improve and develop over time but you have to start somewhere.

With that being said, here are two high-quality examples from Anna Thomas and Nic Ebert:

If you want to make sure your email newsletter stands out, check out the 5 key tips in this guide:

How to make your email newsletter stand out
You can only call so many people in a day. Email newsletters let you keep in touch with thousands of people, while you work closely with your clients who are making moves right now.

Real estate newsletter templates

If you are looking for a fast way to send your first email newsletter, it's hard to beat Mailchimp.com. They have a whole lot of professional templates built into their system and it's free for users with up to 2,000 email recipients.

If you are looking to publish a more traditional printed newsletter, or would like to send yours out as an email attachment, check out Canva.com

It's a free tool and they have templates for everything. Visit: Canva.com real estate newsletter templates

You could also check out Lucidpress. Or Microsoft Office has a real estate template too.

Where to find content

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