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Writing Examples (Take a Look Inside Agent Monday Articles)

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You can read the back story here:

How to sell 50+ houses a year with zero prospecting
In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, I stumbled upon a marketing strategy which unlocked consistent commission income and a never-ending supply of listing opportunities. With zero cold-calling or knocking on doors.

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A few weeks ago, our feature article was 'What is a free appraisal?'

Here is the message I got from one Agent Monday member after sending it out to her database:

I followed up with Anna, who sent the message above, and both those appraisals are going to become listings. Better still, both sets of owners hadn't previously put their hands up as potential sellers. Without sending the article to her database, she had no way of knowing they were planning on making a move.

Article Snippets

Sneak previews from some of our most successful articles.

How to Sell a Rental Property (802 words)

...Whatever reason brought you to this point, now is the time to maximise the value of your asset and extract as much capital as possible to fuel your future plans.

You only get to sell your property once. It's important that you do it right. Here are some questions to consider and tips to keep in mind.

Will you sell it empty? If your cash flow can handle it, that's usually the optimal solution. Empty homes can be viewed at any time and settlement can be near-instant. If your tenants have just moved out, then this could be perfect timing...

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What is a Free Appraisal? (661 words)

...It's about more than just price.

Smart owners understand that a real estate salesperson can offer far more than just an estimated market value. With all our experience, we understand what improvements will add maximum value and what features buyers are looking for (and paying more for) right now. We can help you decide which potential changes to your home will give you the best return on your investment and save you from over-capitalising on the wrong improvements.

We can also offer advice on timing the market, when to sell to maximise your chances of obtaining a premium, advice on selling tenanted properties, and strategic suggestions on how to sell your home to get top dollar...

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Five Minor Home Improvements that Add Major Resale Value (687 words)

...Even if you aren't thinking of selling anytime soon, it's important to consider future resale value when making changes to your home.

These 5 cost-effective home improvements will increase the liveability of your home, provide you with a great return on your investment and maximise the value when it comes time to move.

  1. Outdoor living - If you have a small flat area, anywhere on your section, adding ground-level decking is a relatively cheap and easy way to add value. Dress it up with outdoor seating, a brazier and a potted plant and you have a space that visitors will love. It will also look beautiful in photographs and attract buyers looking online...

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Should You Trust Online Property Valuations? (678 words)

...Didn't your mother ever tell you...

"You shouldn't believe everything you read online."

A growing number of properties are being marketed without a price right now and that creates a real dilemma for home buyers trying to decide how much to offer. At the moment of truth, many are turning to online property valuations as a guide on pricing. While these reports often contain useful information it is important not to consider them as a definitive guide, but rather just one piece of the fair-market-value puzzle...

What are the main issues with online valuations?

1. No one has physically looked at the property.

Are you going to trust the opinion of a computer program to decide how much you should pay for the biggest asset you will ever buy? One that might take you 25 - 30 years to pay off? Are we that reliant on computers already?

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How to Avoid Underselling Your Home (504 words)

...Mistake 4. Bad Presentation.

Remember these three words: Clutter Eats Equity. It's simple as that.

Excessive furniture makes a room feel smaller than it truly is. You can maximise the feeling of space in your home by removing all but the most essential furnishings and by replacing personal items on walls with mirrors or neutral prints.

Unsure how much furniture to remove? We are here to help. As part of our service, we provide advice on how to stage your home to achieve the best possible price.

Call us today to book your free consultation...

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