Improving your appraisal-to-list ratio

Improving your appraisal-to-list ratio
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It's one thing to generate appraisal leads, but if you can't turn them into signed listings then it's all for nought.

To sell more houses and grow your income, you simply must get better at winning the business. Here are our best tools and strategies to help you make the most of every opportunity you get to sit down in front of a future seller.

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Step 1. It starts before you walk in the door

Use this guide to build a simple, effective pre-listing kit that increases your chances of winning the listing.

Real estate agents: Here’s what to put in your pre-listing kits
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If you really want to impress future sellers, take a few ideas from our 5-star appraisal process.

Win more listings with 5-star appraisals
Most agents spend far more time worrying about what price to appraise a property at, rather than thinking about how they can add value to the owner’s journey and provide an exceptional level of service.

Step 2. Prep like a master

This guide will teach you the importance of recognising owner personality types and adjusting your pace accordingly. You'll also learn why the best salespeople listen more than they talk, and how to use soft-closes to secure the business.

How to get better at real estate listing presentations
In this guide, I will run you through my top tips for improving your appraisal to list ratio.

Step 3. Build trust by asking the right questions

Owners don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

23 Questions to win your next Real estate listing presentation
Rather than worrying about how good you are at closing, or whether you’ll get the appraisal range wrong, focus on understanding what your client is trying to achieve. Then, provide tips and advice specific to their situation.

Step 4. Surprise them with the Agent Scoring Matrix

Demonstrate confidence and help your owners make the right decision by sending them the Agent Scoring Matrix soon after your meeting.

Listing Tool: Introducing the ‘Agent Scoring Matrix’
The magic of the agent scoring matrix is that it provides equal importance to all aspects of a salesperson’s proposal, not just commission rate and appraisal range.

Step 5. How to keep in touch

If they don't need to sell straight away, have a plan to keep in touch without being pushy. The key is to add value at all times.

Convert potential sellers to listings using Agent Monday content
Potential sellers ideally need more regular communication than your general database. If someone is close to making a major real estate decision then you should be emailing them useful info at least once per week and following up with a phone call every 2-4 weeks.

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