Article of the week - Tips for downsizers

Slow markets finally allow downsizing owners to get into a home that suits their needs, and you can help them get there.

Article of the week - Tips for downsizers

There is a huge silver lining to the current market conditions:

There is now (finally) an opportunity for downsizers to make a move.

In a hot market, these owners are fundamentally trapped. Their 'subject to sale' offers are considered pointless. Their incomes are usually too low to get bridging finance. And, the thought of selling first to become a cash buyer is simply incomprehensible to anyone who has been in the same home for decades.

This is the demographic I recommend focussing much of your marketing on right now. For most downsizing owners, selling at the top of the market is not the priority. The key for them is finding the right home that will suit their needs moving forward (single level, low maintenance etc). And what better time to find it than right now, when they have a whole heap of choice, and owners are open to conditional offers?

Slow markets finally allow these owners to get into a home that suits their needs, and you can help them get there.

Feature Article 60 - Tips for downsizing your home
Downsizing can be a challenging process for many owners. This article shows your clients that you understand some of what they are going through, and offers helpful suggestions - particularly around keeping the end goal in mind and asking for help. TIP: As well as sending this one out to

TIP: As well as sending this article out to your database, you could also go on to your local property directory (RPNZ / Guru etc) and search for any property that hasn't changed hands in 15-20 years. Export that list of owners and send a direct mail campaign including this article. Eg. turn it into a letter.

Or just drop it around your local neighbourhood as a direct mail piece. Throw in a few flyers showing properties that this target market might like to buy - low maintenance, single-level properties close to shops and transport.

If you take either approach, you might consider changing the headline to 'Are you considering downsizing?' or something less presumptive. You might also like to add in examples / case studies / testimonials from past clients you have helped to downsize in the past.

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