Stats to blow your clients away and win more listings

If you want to seal the deal in your next listing presentation, walk in there armed with stats that no other salesperson will bother to find.

Stats to blow your clients away and win more listings
Photo by Алекс Арцибашев / Unsplash

From the moment you walk in the door of a listing presentation, you are trying to instil confidence in the owners that you are the right salesperson to sell their home.

One of the fastest ways to inspire confidence is to demonstrate proficiency (a high degree of skill / expertise).

Now this doesn't mean you should talk their ears off. You don't want to bore owners with a lecture on how good you are at selling houses. Instead, ask open questions and focus on understanding what your clients are trying to achieve. Then, provide tips and advice specific to their situation.

During those conversations, you'll have the opportunity to discuss the current market. Before you go to the appointment, consider investing a little time to gain a deeper understanding of the demand for that type of property, so you can inject a few key stats throughout your listing conversation that truly add value to your client's process.

Not only will this extra info help your owners make educated decisions, it'll further cement your position as the local real estate expert and help you stand out from your competition.