What is Agent Monday?
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What is Agent Monday?

Real estate content and coaching. In your inbox. Every Monday. Copyright-free.

Welcome to Agent Monday. We provide real estate professionals with high-quality content for your newsletters, websites, blogs, social media posts and prospecting letters.

As a subscriber, you receive fresh content your audience will love, every Monday morning, along with strategies and tools to grow your business.

It's like having a professional copywriter and coach on your team, for less than the cost of a gym membership.

There is a common theme in our industry: Salespeople find it hard to constantly come up with new content to share in their marketing channels. Many successful salespeople feel comfortable talking to clients in person but dislike writing-based tasks.

SOLUTION: A whole lot of useful content, delivered to you each week, so you don't need to go looking for it. Saving your most important asset: TIME.

Once you sign up to Agent Monday, you receive a weekly email (every Monday, of course) with a copyright-free article you can share with your audience, like: '5 ways to add value to your home this weekend'.

You can use these articles any way you like. You don't have to link back to us. You can copy and paste the text and put it in your newsletters, 'latest listings' emails, social posts, on your website. Wherever you like. Feel free to put your own spin on it if you want to!

On top of this, each week you will receive copyright-free images, a template property advert or business system idea or a prospecting letter template and a tips for growing your business, like 'How to get a listing this week'.

Here is a sneak peek of what subscribers receive...

"Don't spend time looking for great content online. We'll deliver it to your inbox every week, like clockwork. Your time is valuable and and should be spent talking to buyers and sellers, not writing newsletter intros or search for content to share on social media."

- Andrew Duncan, founder.

All our articles are written by an award-winning professional real estate blogger with over 17 years of experience in sales, management, training and coaching.

As a subscriber, you also receive instant access to all previous issues, giving you a wide (and growing) assortment of content to use, any time you need it.

How many times have you asked yourself:

Q. What can I send to my database this week?

Agent Monday solves that problem and a whole lot more. Let us source all your content for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best: Working with buyers and sellers.

Make the best possible use of your most valuable asset: TIME.

Become a subscriber today. Early adopter pricing available for a limited time!

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