The mindset shift you need to make to increase your income (podcast)

Change is coming. Now is the time to double down on all your marketing and prospecting activities.

The mindset shift you need to make to increase your income (podcast)
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We know the market is going to change and improve at some point, and based on past experience, that will probably happen in the not-too-distant future (3-9 months).

We also know that any prospecting or marketing activity you engage in will take at least 3-9 months to bear fruit. So now is the time to increase your efforts, knowing that when those leads turn into listings, the market will likely have turned a corner and houses will be easier to sell.

If you lay the groundwork now, then in 6 months' time your sales will increase and your income will skyrocket.

Check out our latest podcast to learn more about the mindset shift that will help you increase your income in the months ahead...


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