Agent Advice - How to generate listings from open homes

Agent Advice - How to generate listings from open homes
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Open homes are essentially your shop front, providing you with a golden opportunity to get face-to-face with buyers and sellers in your area.

They are your time to shine!

However, throughout my career, I have seen countless salespeople fail to make the most of this golden opportunity to grow their business.

Too many agents focus simply on selling the property, rather than realising that open homes are one of the most effective strategies for marketing yourself and generating listings.

In this Agent Advice guide, I'll provide you with a list of small, cost-effective steps you can take to maximise the effectiveness of your open homes. Each item on this list is designed to impress your visitors, make you stand out when compared to other salespeople, and as a result, ensure that when owners come to sell, you are the salesperson they call.

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Open home checklist

Before the open home

  • Promote the property to the nearest 50 - 100 neighbours (or more if you aren't that busy). Give them advance notice that you have a new listing coming on the market. Do this before the sign goes up to make them feel special and 'in the know'. Tip: apologise in advance for any traffic disruption on the upcoming open home day.

During the open home

  • Show up early. Get heaters and all interior lights on. Make sure the home is warm, welcoming and bright.
  • Provide a stool for visitors where they can sit down to take off their shoes, and put them back on at the end of their visit.
  • Greet visitors by name. Carry a list of open home visitors from the last 30 days to each open home. Look through the list in the morning and try to remember what they looked like. Then, at your open homes, if you recognise a person walking up the path, quickly consult the list to find and remember their name. If nothing else, once they tell you their name, you can give them the VIP treatment by letting them skip the sign in process - since you already have their contact details from previous open homes and can fill in the registration form on their behalf.
  • Provide healthy snacks. Win buyers over by offering healthy snacks to keep kids (and adults) happy. Stick to options that are nut-free and dairy-free so you don't need to worry about allergies. Popcorn or small packets of raisins are good options in our experience.
  • Put a compass on the table. Everyone wants to know the orientation of the home (for sun aspect). Make it easy by grabbing a compass from your local camping store and placing it where everyone can see it.
  • Have music playing on a Bluetooth speaker. Click here to access a Spotify playlist we've made up for you, in case you need inspiration.
  • Give out spot prizes. Give every 10th visitor a surprise gift, like a branded Bluetooth speaker, notepad, or perhaps a book on property investing.
  • Have seller-targeted printouts on the table. Use Agent Monday guides like 5 Minor home improvements that add major resale value or How to avoid underselling your home. Pay attention and see who picks them up. It's highly likely they are a potential seller.

After the open home

  • Follow up with every visitor and keep them informed throughout the process.
  • Use phone calls, text messages and emails to ensure no one gets left out.
  • Send 'thank you for coming emails' with download links.
  • Contact all visitors with new information alerts, price changes, tender / auction reminders, sale results
  • Do the same for the neighbours, too!

Last but not least: Keep in touch!

Don't make the mistake of dropping your contact if a buyer doesn't offer on that home, or doesn't respond to your messaging.

For this job, you need a simple (time-efficient) way to keep in touch with a large amount of people on a regular basis. A regular email newsletter serves this purpose. Use Agent Monday advice guides along with hyper-local sales info and new listings.

Remember, it's about so much more than just servicing hot buyers, it's about showing every single visitor how hard you work for your clients, so they think of you when they are ready to sell.

If you can add a few of the steps above into your standard open home process then you will greatly increase your chances of generating listings from your open homes.

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