Real estate blog post ideas (21 and counting)

Real estate blog post ideas (21 and counting)

Are you looking for engaging property-related blog topics that your audience will love?

My name is Andrew Duncan. I'm a professional real estate blogger. Before launching Agent Monday, I had a long and successful real estate sales career, built on using blog articles to engage with my growing audience.

This isn't just an SEO attention grabbing post with 'real estate blog topics' mentioned 72 times. These are topics I have personally used to secure listing opportunities. They are proven to work.

What follows is a list of blog article ideas that you can either take and write yourself. Or, if you would like instant access to complete articles ready to go, you can become an Agent Monday member: Click here to view pricing.

We give you content to share with your audience and teach you how to use it to grow your business.

On to the Blog Topics!

Buyers and sellers are desperate for good quality information.

They want to do as much research as possible before they pick up the phone and call an agent. So it's our job, as real estate professionals to give them easy access to articles that help them make better buying and selling decisions. The best thing about this approach is - when it comes time to sell, who else are they going to call?

Note: If you are just getting started, you don't need to setup a blog to achieve this. You can use tools like LinkedIn or Medium to post articles and put a link to them in your regular email newsletter.

"But I suck at writing!" I hear you say.

Fear not, Agent Monday has you covered.

Real Estate Blog Topics:

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